Companion Animal Boarding

Due to the fact that we have limited boarding, this service is only available to established, active clients.  Reservations are required.  To prepare for your pet's next stay, we encourage you to read over the following boarding information.  


At no additional charge, we offer Purina EN, which is easy to digest and well balanced, as the primary diet for our boarders.  If medically necessary, or if you prefer, to provide your own food, we ask that it be stored in an adequately sized sealed plastic container that includes your pet’s name.  You may also consider pre-portioning your pet’s meals into ziplock bags before placing them into your container.  Otherwise, it is perfectly acceptable just to advise the staff on the measurements and frequency for feeding your pet during his/her stay.


It is not necessary to bring bedding from home as our boarding accommodations include blankets and/or durable PetCot bedding to keep your pet comfortable during his/her stay.  To help minimize odor and for the sanitation of your pet, we request that large bedding be left at home as our washer cannot accommodate these items in the event of an accident.  Safety is a priority, so please inform the staff if your pet has destructive anxious behavior. 


Medications should be left in their original container.  Please advise the staff of any directions that differ from instructions labeled on the bottle.  Advise the staff as to when the last time medications were administered and if any medications need refrigerating.


Please limit toys to 1-2 items.  Do not bring articles that you cannot afford to replace.  All articles should be labeled with the pet’s name in permanent marker.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.


We make every effort to control odor and perform frequent sanitation activities however, it is not always possible to eliminate all dirt and odors as all boarders are taken outdoors multiple times a day and thus may be exposed to rain or humidity, which increases the bond of odor to hair and bedding.  For this reason, we recommend that you schedule your pet for a bath prior to pick up.  One of our staff members will gladly provide you with a cost for this service.  It is highly recommended that you treat your pet with a veterinary approved flea preventative prior to boarding.  Any signs of fleas or parasites will be treated and appropriately charged.


For the health of all pets under our care, we require all boarders to be up to date on vaccinations and have a current negative parasite screening prior to check in (and no less than 14 days prior).  Feline vaccinations include Rabies, FVRCP, and Bordetella.  Canine vaccinations include Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. Please advise a staff member if your pet has recently experienced any coughing, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea.  Any pet exhibiting signs of illness will need to be examined and cleared to board by one of our Veterinarians.  Puppies & Kittens should not board until all vaccinations are complete. 


Emergency contact information should be provided upon check in.  In the event of a medical emergency, we will try to contact you prior to having the Veterinarian assess the problem.  In the event you cannot be reached and we feel the problem should be addressed without delay, we will proceed and treat as appropriately as possible until you can be reached.  You will be financially responsible for fees associated with emergency care.


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